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How to make experiments Private?

Description of the problem:
I started cloning public experiments to get an idea of how pavlovia works. I don’t see how to make an experiment “private” though.

Does it matter what state the experiment is in (Inactive/Piloting/Running)?
Can this only be done if you create an experiment from scratch?

I thought I saw that if you change the “saving format” to database from csv, that it makes it private, but that didn’t work for me.


So it looks like you change the status of Private/Public when viewing here: USER NAME/_YOUR EXPERIMENT
*Go into Settings (on left side) --> General --> Project visibility

Next question: When in “Private” does the experiment URL work for anyone?

I tried opening the URL in a private window using mozilla. The link worked, so it seems that the link can still be accessed while in “Private” mode.

Any knowledge on these basics from anyone would be appreciated.