How to find out which image was used in a random test


first: This is not my experiment, I am just trying to help my wife.

She had to do a group project with two other guys. The guys did the coding in PsychoPy, my wife did most of the required tests with people. The one problem: The two other guys made a mistake.

(A small part of) The Experiment:

One Loop/Block was about images, that were seen in blocks before. You had to put them in the correct sequence. In the .CSV I can see if the test subject did it right or not (1 or 0 in .CSV).

The Problem:

The images are seperated in two groups (Fantasy-Pictures and Horror-Pictures) and chosen at random.

First you see a sequence of 6 Fantasy-Pictures (FP), then 6 Horror-Pictures (HP) and a key on your keyboard, that it belongs to. This repeats once again. After this, you get 6 pictures shown and you have to press the key, that they belonged to. You don’t see the key this time.

In the PsychoPy generated Savefile (.CSV) it only shows if the test subject did guess correctly. Not if it was a FP or HP.

The Hope:

Is there any chance, that this info would be saved in the .Psydat? How could I open it in a readable state?

Thanks in advance and sorry that i can’t be precisely. I don’t know PsychoPy myself and just trying to help my wife.