How to downgrade to PsychoPy3.2.4 from 2021

OS : MacOS Mojave
PsychoPy version : 2021 2.3

I am currently running PsychoPy 2021, but am having an issue with Psychopy not having access to my computer microphone. I was hoping to downgrade to a lower version of psychopy as I believe this would work in an older version.

I uninstalled 2021 and installed 3.2.4. I can now see that PsychoPy3 has access to my microphone, however, psychopy is unable to even open on my computer. I receive the following error (attached), and when I click open console, it just displays hundreds of error messages. I have created files with Psychopy 2021 so perhaps it is having an issue with the newer version files.

Does anyone know why I’m unable to open PsychoPy2019 after uninstalling the newer version?

I found a solution by following this thread: Psychopy on Big Sur on mac - #46 by Marc_Buehner