How to disable coder view automatically opening?


Release 2021.1.0 introduced the change :
" * Builder now features separate compile buttons for JS and Py and will open the JS file in the Coder view when compiled"

The problem is if a user is making code changes in code components in the builder, then there’s no need for this window to open and it only acts as visual clutter to the taskbar.

However this causes more problems when the user runs locally runs a PsychoJS task. The coder view causes a dialog box to pop up that blocks all input to PsychoPy until it is addressed, and can be hidden behind other PsychoPy windows.


This is only a minor problem but can get very irritating when you’re trying to develop a project and keep getting interrupted by PsychoPy acting unresponsively only to find a hidden dialog box in a window that you don’t even use. Is there a way to stop PsychoPy from auto opening coder view, or a way to disable this message from popping up?

SO annoying

Can you help with this @TParsons ?

This is a bug I’m afraid, currently trying to figure out why it happens… It’s at the top of my list for things to sort out by the next release so watch this space!

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You can however stop auto opening coder view in Preferences