How to add mouse control to images

I’m trying to add mouse control to a my experiment which is the iowa gambling experiment. I have 4 cards assigned to A,B,C,D. How do i enable mouse control so clicking on for example A creates a response

If your four image components are called image_A, image_B, image_C and image_D then add a mouse component with clickable stimuli image_A, image_B, image_C, image_D and then look at the value of mouse.clicked_name (or possibly mouse.clicked_name[0]) in End Routine.

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what do you mean by mouse.clicked_name in End routine, I can’t seem to find it

Also a follow-up to this, I want to assign each card to the excel file i have attached. My knowledge of python and coding is very limited as my module teaches programming very minimally. I tried looking at the different topics but they were not much help.
Decks.xlsx (8.9 KB)