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How to add EEG recording in builder view?

I am writing to ask if anyone has recently incorporated EEG recording with their Builder-made code? Or if anyone could please point me in the direction of finding a thread on this topic? I haven’t had luck with it.

Thank you very much!

There should be no reason why you couldn’t do this. You probably need to ask more specific questions to get a more useful response.

Thanks for pointing that out - I will be more specific! I was writing to ask if anyone had found a way to incorporate EEG triggers within builder mode rather than coding it in the script?

Again, there is absolutely no reason this can’t be done but the question is still too generic to answer. You need to describe your EEG system and the protocol it uses for communication.

Yes, this could almost certainly be done within the Builder interface but you will probably have to use code components: these allow you to insert small snippets of code to send messages via some hardware interface, without having to manually edit the entire script. No one can suggest any useful code snippets to use without details of the communication protocol you need to use.

As Michael said, a more specific question might get you more useful answers. But the builder component you are probably looking for is Parallel Port Out Component. Perhaps that helps as a starting point?