How I get the experiment flow displayed?

What are you trying to achieve?: I am trying to get the flow of an experiment I programmed on Builder displayed as a sequence of descending squares; it would be great if I could download it in order to put it in a paper I have to write and show the experiment structure.

Hello everyone,
I have programmed an behavioral experiment on Builder and now I would like to get a resuming display of the entire experimental outline in form of a descending sequence of squares (I saw many scientific papers where the trial-scheme is displayed this way in order to show the experiment structure): could anyone explain me how to get it? I you have any alternative suggestions, it would be welcome.

Thank you a lot in advance!

Hello Alexia,

usually this is done by hand, that is use basically any program that can create boxes with text in it and arrange them to your liking. You could make a screenshot of the experiment-flow in builder instead.

Best wishes Jens