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How do use a free text value as input for feedback

Standard Standalone? (y/n) Y
What are you trying to achieve?: I’m attempting to create a drop-out procedure. Participants are given sets of words (e.g. blue - sky) that they must learn. They are then given questions and must type-out the word associated with the target word in the question (e.g., What is blue associated with?). Ideally, they should be able to write out multiple words and given feedback (however, I’d settle for a single word) which are then used as input in a feedback loop (i.e., they are told whether they are correct or incorrect). If a word-associate pair is provided correctly (i.e., ‘sky’).

What did you try to make it work? What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
I’ve been able to create a free text input that is recorded in a .xls file. However, I cannot

  1. use it as input for feedback,
  2. create a drop-out loop,

I have a basic idea of how to do this, but do not know how to implement it, e.g.

  1. Create a separate response file (.xls) that retains responses after each trial,
  2. Compare the file containing the stimulus set to the user input store in the response file - this produces the feedback score,
  3. Use the response file as input into a conditional at the outset of each trial to ‘skip’ the correct trials.
  4. Exit loop once I’ve reached a criterion number of trials (i.e., all trials answer correctly),

I’ve found a problem that’s very close (Can't open psydat file) but it does show the events in PsychoPy.

If anyone has a solution, I’d appreciate it.

As another example, here’s another piece of code that appears to do the trick: Redo all incorrect trials

It uses images (whereas I have words) but I’m not sure how to integrate the (test iterations) counter into by program.