Giving conditional feedback from Excel file

Hi all,

I am an absolute beginner, so I hope I am able to explain my question well.
I am programming an experiment in PsychoPy builder, where participants per trial have to select a closed door (image stimulus) out of 4 closed doors on the screen. There are four different outcomes, one outcome behind each of the doors. Which outcome is behind which door differs per trial and this is defined in an Excel file (4 variables: behind_door1, behind_door2, behind_door3, behind_door4). After participants have clicked on one of the doors, they are presented with all outcomes behind the doors (this are images defined in the Excel file). However, depending on the outcome behind the clicked door, I would like to give feedback in a text component. This feedback should depend on the outcome behind the door (which is different per trial). I also define this in the Excel file in 4 variables: feedback_door1, feedback_door2, feedback_door3, feedback_door4. Hence per trial in the Excel file, there is specific feedback behind each of the doors and I only want to present the feedback for the door the participant selected.
I tried to add a piece of code to, conditionally on the selected door, define a variable: feedback_doors. feedback_doors is then added in a text component in the routine with $.

if learn_choice.isPressedIn(Door_1):
feedback_doors = feedback_door1

if learn_choice.isPressedIn(Door_2):
feedback_doors = feedback_door2

if learn_choice.isPressedIn(Door_3):
feedback_doors = feedback_door3

if learn_choice.isPressedIn(Door_4):
feedback_doors = feedback_door4

However, feedback_door1-4 seems not to be linked to the variables in the Excel file. Is there a way to refer to the excel file in the code component? So that the program takes the text in feedback_door1-4 (depending on the clicked door) and shows it to the participant.

Thank you in advance!