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How do I run a Sustained Attention to Response Task online?

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a really basic question.

I have code for a SART to run in PsychoPy. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 I will no longer be able to meet with my participants to run the test. How would I run the test online so that my participants can complete it in their homes and I still get the data from it?


I would suggest that you start with the resources you find here:

and then come back with any more specific questions that might arise.

Thanks for the reply Michael.

I have uploaded my experiment to Pavlovia and have tried running it but keep getting an error saying “403 Forbidden; nginx”

Any ideas for getting past this?

So I created a html file and reuploaded the experiment. It no longer results in a “403 Error” but it is now stuck on the “Initialising the experiment…” stage.

I have tried to figure out the code but I am quite inexperienced and do not really know what to look for. Here’s the link to the experiment if anyone wants to try: