How do I direct PsychoPy to multiple images?

Hi, I am currently building Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) using PsychoPy. I do not have any prior knowledge about PsychoPy and have a simple question to ask.
Basically, the WCST consists of two card packs having four stimulus cards and 64 response cards in each. The task is to classify cards, which differ by three criteria: color, shape, or number of the designs on the face of the cards. In the builder view, I added four stimulus cards and one response/target card. My issue is that how to set the target card image so that it could direct PsychoPy to multiple (64) images. It seems that I can only link one image at a time.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Lei,

Have a look at Loops and the Flow panel; that way you can have different response cards set via a conditions file. Flow — PsychoPy v2021.1

Best, Thomas

Thank you for your help. The introduction is very useful.


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