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Alternative WCST - Please help for beginner

Hello everybody,

first of all: Sorry for this long post. :slight_smile:
I am a total beginner with PsychoPy and only learned the basic rules. Usually I work with Inquisit or OpenSesame. Nonetheless I have to program an alternative version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) with PsychoPy. Unfortunately I’ve run into several problems and I’d like to ask you for help. The alternative WCST is based on a published version by Nelson (1976). The main difference between the original and the altered version is the number of items/ possible card-combinations (24 Cards = 24 possible combinations for all three conditions = 72 Trials). All three conditions are three separate blocks.
I am going to post the current version of my experiment within a Hyperlink so you can see everything for yourself.

1. Problem: Test Shutdown
The first thing is that I encountered the problem of a shutdown. When I start the experiment it actually opens but after finishing the instructions it shuts down. I do not get any error messages. Is the reason an older version of the experiment? This was the only message I’ve got when I opened it the first time. Or do I have to install EXCEL so the tables and matrix get read (I only use an online version of Excel)? I had the same problem with other experiments too (e.g. Stroop Task).

2. Problem: Drag&Drop Function
We want the subjects to grab the current target-card and place it below one of the four stimulus-cards (within a square). I’ve already specified which target-card fits which stimulus-card (via Excel for all three conditions). Picture 1 shows you the intended organization of all parts.

I have found an experiment with a drag&drop function on Pavlovia: demos / Drag and drop · GitLab
Apparently I copied all necessary parts and codes for the function out of that experiment and pasted it inside my WCST-Version. But I do not anything about the coding of PsychoPy and would to know what I have to alter to make it work properly.

3. Problem: Result File
There are quite some parameters we would like to gather along each subject. But I did not see any way to code it and I do not know what to insert exactly. We would like to know the following parameters:
- Row of condition/ category: We would like to randomize the order of all three conditions so afterwards we have to know which row occured for each participant
- Current condition/ category: We would like to see which trial belonged to which condition.
- Change of condition/ category: We would like to see when the category changed. It happens after 24 trials and then after 48 trials but we would like to see it in the result file (I think that is similiar with knowing the row of categories)
- Coding perseverative behaviour/ errors: We would like to know wether subjects insisted on using one particular rule to place the cards even if it is not correct/ not correct anymore.
- Coding concept errors: Finally we would like to know how many times one condition/ category was not completed successfully.

This is everything so far. If you need more additional information about the intended version, please let me know.

I uploaded my experiment with all components via Hyperlink because I do not know wether the pure .psyexp-Data is enough. Thank you very much for your help. It is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:
Hyperlink to Experiment: WCST - Alternative

As written this seems too large a request for this forum. Members of the community and the Science team at Open Science Tools can help you on your journey when you encounter specific issues, but this sounds like you might need more extended help with task creation. Please take a look at the pinned post in jobs and consultancy.