Basic question about code editor

I am very new to psychopy and coding and have what is probably a very basic question to ask about coding experiments in psychopy. I have been creating my experiment in psychopy using the builder mode and adding some code components using the custom code function in builder. I have also tried editing the code while in the psychopy coder mode and then running the experiment. Everything seems to work fine, but when I switch back to builder mode, all of the code I have edited reverts back to what it was prior to my editing it in coder mode. What am I doing wrong? Is there an alternative way to write and edit code in psychopy beyond using the custom code function in builder? As this does not seem to be adequate for my needs.

The builder re-generates the Python code from scratch every time, so if you make any changes to the experiment code directly (without using a code component), you can never open the experiment in the builder again, or you will need to make the same modifications every time.

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Thank you for your response! that helps to clarify things :slight_smile: