How can I change the PsychoJS version from 2020.2 to 2020.1?

Description of the problem:
I have chosen the version 2020.1 on Psychopy Builder and synchronized it with Pavalovia, and it showed the synchronization was successful. However, the PsychoJS version in Pavalovia did not change.

Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 7.00.04 AM


I am not sure about what I say but I think that the online version is not changeable unlike the offline python version.

Try setting the experiment to inactive and then active again

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried your way, but it is not working. It is OK. The purpose of changing the version is because I want to use a screenscale template created in version 2020.1. I have deleted a statement, which causes the screenscale template to not work in 2020.2.

I’ve also updated my screenscale experiment to 2020.2 (by deleting the same line)