HELP ME images not displaying in only one routine

URL of experiment: Pavlovia
SpeechAcquisitionLab / skpam · GitLab

Description of the problem: the experiment runs fine locally. But, when I pilot it on pavlovia, in PA_rating routine, clickable image buttons are not displayed at all. I have another routine that has similar structure, and it’s working fine for the routine. The problem is PA_rating routine. I don’t get any error message while running the experiment on pavlovia; simply the images do not show up.
I added image files on ‘Additional sources’ and also tried to create a new routine.
Please help me identify the cause of the problem and suggest any possible solutions. Thank you.

If there is no error message then check the size, position and opacity of the image.

Does the routine appear to end immediately? If so, that could be related to the response from the previous routine being double counted.

@wakecarter I recreated the routine, and did not copy and paste from the previous routine. Also, adjust the position. Thanks!