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Help creating RDK experiment

I am new to PsychoPy. I apologize if this is a basic question to the folks in this group.
I am trying to build a RDK task with randomly selected dot coherences where the signal dots move either 90 degrees or 270 degrees. The noise dots move in random directions. Every trial ends after the subject answers the direction with a keypress. When I start the trial the dots appear but after pressing the key board, the screen freezes, and I have to press [esc] to quit the screen. I am using the builder in Psychopy3 on a Macbook. How can I solve this?

The error I get is
NameError: name ‘Direction’ is not defined

The CSV file for the conditions:

Coherence Direction
0.02 1.57
0.02 4.71
0.05 1.57
0.05 4.71
0.1 1.57
0.1 4.71
0.15 1.57
0.15 4.71
0.2 1.57
0.2 4.71
0.5 1.57
0.5 4.71

Here is the relevant part form the coder file:
dots_random = visual.DotStim(
win=win, name=‘dots_random’,
nDots=100, dotSize=5,
speed=0.2, dir=1.0, coherence=1.0,
fieldPos=(0.0, 0.0), fieldSize=0.25,fieldShape=‘circle’,
signalDots=‘same’, noiseDots=‘direction’,dotLife=3,
color=[1.0,1.0,1.0], colorSpace=‘rgb’, opacity=1,

Thank you for your help. much appreciated.