How to add responses and rt (5.0 KB)

Here is a code that is presenting RDKs in 4 different directions. for every direction, I want to record the key pressed and the reaction time. However, that it does not record and data is always empty for the two fields. Also 4 directions are blocked in 2 blocks.

Can somebody please help me. I am new to python and psychopy?

If you are new to Python then is there a reason why you are using Coder instead of Builder?

I have to operate a device simultaneously which can be done via codes. Also, my experiment is a multisensory experiment with the following conditions in one block : visualLeft, visualRight, tactileLeft, tactileRight, vistacRight, vistacLeft, visLeftTaacRight, visRightTacleft. each condition will be presented twice in randomised order. The code attached at the moment is for only visual conditions. I can’t find a way to create one routine with different conditions and loop around it .
In builder view, I created different routines and randomised them, which I think is not the best way to do.
if you know a way to create a routine for these conditions, pls let me know :slight_smile:

You can have code components or others which only run under certain conditions. For example, you could have a column called visual in your spreadsheet containing 1s and 0s and then have the start condition of the visual component set to visual.

but in the present code , looks like event.getKeys don’t work.
event.waitKeys work : - after stimuli presentation , a key press is recorded but it waits for another key press for the next stimulus to be presented.
I would like to record a key press soon after the stimulus is presented.
Can anyone help out?

I tried this: Conditional start of components
still facing errors