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Hearing threshold

Hey :slight_smile:

Win10; PsychoPy version: v1.90.3

What are you trying to achieve?: I would like to program a hearing threashold. Therefore i need different levels of sound in a random order followed by a break with no sound. The experiment starts with a break, then the sound will be presented (500ms) followed by a break. Ther are 10 different volumes (0.1, 0.2, …, 0.9, 1.0) which should be presented each 10 times (100 stimuli in total) in a random order. Each sound is followed by a break, where the participant needs to push a button. Reaction of participants will go directly to the EEG (there will be no response in PsychoPy).

**What did you try to make it work?: It was possible to build differnt sounds and differnet volume levels. But I can’t present the different stimuli in a random order. It is always the same order shown in the flow (though there is a loop to randomize this trials).
The order is not randomized. Whatever I tried it won’t change the order. I tried “FullRandom” and “Random” with or without “Is Trials” activated. I wanted to try with a list - but I can’t find out how to use the list when using the PsychoPy-sound in different volume levels.
There is no error as the experiment is working - but not in the way i’d like to have it worked.

I think it should be easy to solve the problem but at the moment I can’t see any solution (as I am stucked in my way of thinking)…
Thank’s a lot for your help!

The experiment at the moment (including RANDOM-Loop):

Hi @Selina_UniFR, I think you would be better off using a single routine, and looping through the routine 10 times, and on each loop change the volume of the sound, which will be defined in a conditions file. You can then set your loop to random and it will randomly present sound from your volumes defined in your conditions file. You will need to use a code component to change the volume. Have a look at this example:

soundLoop.psyexp (5.2 KB)
soundCon.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Hi @dvbridges THANK YOU A LOT! This is exactly what I wanted to do myself. The sound is now randomized and I can define how many times it should be repeated. Perfect! Thank you so much!

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