Hardware recommendations for a new setup

Hello PsychoPy community,
I’m in the process of building up a new setup that will serve for EEG recording during task performance. I plan on using PsychoPy to run tasks and embedded triggers in the code to enable synchronization of behavioral performance with EEG activity. The EEG will be recorded on a mac computer using EGI net station system. For the ‘task computer’ I tried to install a parallel port on a new PC but that failed since the parallel port’s driver can only be sported by an older windows version and possibly an older computer.
While considering my plan B, I reviewed some of the previous questions that have been asked in this forum and noticed that many others previously reported problems with sending triggers and connecting to EGI system. I wonder if based on your previous experience, you have any recommendations about the hardware that can be suited for my needs? a computer that can be used to run PsychoPy codes and sends triggers to the EGI system.
I can porches a new PC/MAC and a new parallel port if needed, but I can’t find something that I know will work for sure. Any suggestions?

Hey @Saar . I was wondering if you managed to have your set up working in the meantime? I am in a similar situation