Use variable from conditions file in code component in builder mode


I am fairly new to PsychoPY and unfortunately don´t have a lot of backgound in coding, therefore I´m using the builder mode.

Is there any way to use a variable from an excel conditions file in the code component in builder mode?

I want my code element to change for each new trial. I tried it with and without $, however, PsychoPy just doesn´t accept it. I don´t get an error message when running, the code just doesn´t get implemented

Thanks very much in advance for any help!


do you mind to show us your code-component (please surround the code by triple `) and screen-shots of the relevant components?

You find some tutorials here.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks very much for the help Jens.
I´m currently trying to use an alternate route altogether.


I’m wondering if anyone has found an answer/ method for achieving this because I am having a similar issue with what I believe is a similar methodology. Here’s an example of what I am attempting
Conditions File

Psychopy code component

What I want to achieve is a piece of code that is run contingent upon the condition that the participant receives.

The code should be in the code component. Your spreadsheet column should just have the parameter (eg 5 or 10)

Don’t call the column trial (but Trial is probably fine)