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Gitlab project not showing up on pavlovia dashboard

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab , Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: I have two new experiments in gitlab that are not appearing on my pavlovia dashboard. Any idea how I can sync them?

How did you get them to Gitlab? You need to sync from Builder

It is similar to another study I made in builder so I exported the gitlab and uploaded as a new project and swapped out files that I needed to update. Will I need to do this in psychpy instead?

I would copy the local files to a new local folder and then press sync to create a new experiment online

Ok, thank you. Is there any way around this? I created using an older version of pavlovia on an older laptop and am having a hard time getting the original study to load and run properly in builder now. The experiment isn’t overly complicated so I could re-build it but if theres a way to synch gitlab to pavlovia without builder that might be quicker.

@wakecarter alternatively, is there a way I can rename a project as it is listed on pavlovia dashboard? If I update the repository and project name on github that does not affect pavlovia naming. Thinking I could use an old project and swap out files on github.

What exactly do you want to use Gitlab for?

If you aren’t running the experiment online then you could try having a dummy experiment in the folder that you can sync to upload everything in the folder