Get desired data in excel or csv

OS: Mac
PsychoPy version: 2020.1.2

Hi all,
I’m relatively new to this community and PsychoPy in general but I am slowly learning as I go. I am doing a thesis study on auditory effects on visual illusions. I’ve got an experiment designed so that every individual experiences all 6 conditions in a 2x3 factorial design. My experiment shows people the Ponzo illusion (very famous illusion) and has them start each trial by clicking ‘space’. Once the trial begins, a yellow line starts to grow and basically they need to click ‘space’ again to stop the routine when they think this yellow line matches another line already on the screen.

The design is all done, but when I look at my data, I am very confused as to what I’m really looking for. Ideally I would just like the time/frame when they clicked the “start space” and the time/frame when they clicked the “stop space” and then I could calculate the actual length of the line when they stopped each routine. Any ideas on how I could do this? Can provide my file if need be.


The easiest thing to do would be to split your trial across two routines. The keyboard component on the first routine would be set to “Force end of routine”. Then all you need to do is get the reaction time of the keyboard response on the second routine to tell you how long the response took.

Also note that in the “data” tab of your stimulus components, you can select to save onset/offset times, which can be another way of doing things.

It’s likely that what you want is already being saved in the data file.