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Get data from reserved credits on pavlovia

Hello everyone!
URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Now i have two reserved credits and do not have data, is there a solution of the problem of getting data? Or how should be ended an experiment to surely get data?

I believe that data is deleted if the participant doesn’t finish, for example by pressing escape. They are assumed to have withdrawn consent.

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How should end the experiment? What button should be pressed?

Hey there everyone,

I’m interested in this too, as I’m having the same problem: supposedly, around 30 participants started the experiment but only 4 finished it. All my credits are reserved at the moment. I am trying to find out if this is because participants find the experiment too long/boring or if there is something going wrong at the end of the experiment/when saving the data. Is there a specific message that participants need to respond to? A recommended browser to make the experiment in? This is the experiment I’m talking about (hopefully I’m sharing this correctly):

I have a similar problem. I sent the experiment to some friends to check if the data are being saved and they completed it. Then it shows that the experiment was aborted instead of completed and there are no data. I think there might be a problem with the ending routine or something like this but I haven’t received an answer yet.

Please could you ask your friends whether they saw the “Thank you for your patience “ message with a green bar?

It s probably good practice to end on a message asking participants to wait for confirmation that their data has been saved before closing their browser window.

Thanks for your reply!

The people who could confirm to me that they finished the experiment told me that they indeed waited for the experiment to end (final message says that full screen closes automatically in 10 seconds). They all made it in Chrome, but when asked whether they’d seen the ‘thank you for your patience’ message and clicked OK, none of them were exactly sure anymore what they’d seen. I’ve gotten responses ranging from ‘I think so, yes’ to ‘Uhm, I don’t know, I remember a white screen’. The latter answer belonged to a participant whose results have been saved. I’ve edited my distribution messages to include the instruction to at least wait until the fullscreen mode closes on its own, without pressing ESC. Additionally, I gave instructions to leave the tab open for a minute or so and respond to the thank-you-message if it pops up.

Two other questions:

  1. I have a lot of reserved credits right now, to the point it could hinder new participants. However, if a participant is doing the experiment right now and I click ‘release reserved credits’, does that mean their session is also aborted/not saved?

  2. If I edit the experiment now in its while it has already been running, does this delete the data collected? Say, I only shorten the time that participants have to wait for the final message to close/edit the message a little, does that affect my results/availability of the experiment?

My participants said they did not see it. And all the times i tested it myself on the pilot mode i didn’t not see it either.

Should I add a specific routine for this or is it automatic? how long should I instruct them to wait?

What is your final routine? I always get it on piloting after I’ve ended my final routine. I haven’t tried live data collection yet.

As for releasing reserved credits, you can see the date and time when they were reserved and pick the oldest ones.

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its a thank you message with information about a raffle they can participate at.

Thank you, I thought the only options I had were pressing ‘release all’ or buying more credits.

As for the final routine, it’s similar to Marina’s I think: just a message telling them they reached the end and a reminder to fill in the survey (the link for that isn’t inserted in the experiment). That screen closes after a couple of seconds.

I saw the message after piloting, don’t know about what the participants see.

your screen closes automatically or you had to do something specific? I don’t see this message at all which I find super weird.

I personally saw it when piloting my experiment in Chrome. Starting it (after filling in participant nr. and such) activates the experiment’s full screen mode, and the final routine is a message to the participant which automatically closes, no need to press buttons. When the message goes away, it automatically closes the full screen mode and I see my browser tab again, similar to the way when you first start (with the little screen for participant number). Only this time, it’s a message saying ‘thank you for your patience’ and you can click OK. Again, this is what I saw after piloting, no idea if (all) participants see it too. I didn’t program it to appear myself, so it just be something Pavlovia does.