Gazepoint GP3 Integration and Clarification

Hi everyone,

specifications: Windows 10, Psychopy version 2021.1.2, Standard Standalone version

I am trying to integrate the Gazepoint GP3 into an experiment that utlizes nine audio samples and eyetracking. In testing the basic example code without the modifications needed for my experiment on the Psychopy website (Gazepoint — PsychoPy v2021.2) `

I was getting the following error:

What did you try to make it work?:

My understanding of coding is quite limited so I am unsure of what this error means. I’ve looked at all of the posts here in the discourse and have been unsuccessful in having any of the posted example files execute correctly.

DeviceRPC is not iterable means that the name of the component(?) is appearing in a piece of code that is expecting a list. Where does it appear in your code?


Thank you for your response. Below is a picture of the code I input from the examples I got from here: Gazepoint — PsychoPy v2021.2

Lauren Guthridge

In line 20

tracker.getEvents should be tracker.getEvents()

The referenced example code is correct, so I think you must have copied the code incorrectly?

stime = getTime()
while getTime()-stime < 2.0:
    for e in tracker.getEvents():

There are a set of python examples in the psychopy/demos/coder/iohub/eyetracking folder that might be of help.

Wonderful, just got it working. One more question if I may, I notice there is a way to save iohub data to an HDF5 file through the launchHubServer Function. I input the the kwarg name “experiment_code” within the code below and receive a syntax error for this. Is this a case of something small being out of place or am I using the function incorrectly?

Thank you again for all of your help!

experiment_code is a kwarg to launchHubServer, so the format should be something like:

io=launchHubServer(experiment_code="my_exp", **iohub_config)

If you want to name the .hdf5 file yourself, instead of it using a date based default name, add a session_code kwarg and it will also be used for the hdf5 file name:

session_id = 1

The demos/coder/iohub/ example goes through a few different ways to use launchHubServer.

Thank you.