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PsychoPy w/ GazePoint Eye Tracker


Anyone have success integrating the GazePoint GP3 into their PsychoPy experiment? The online resources are somewhat limited and help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


I’m trying to add code to my PsychoPy experiment in order to start and stop recording data using a GP3 HD eyetracker. Any advice on how to do his would be very much appreciated!


Any luck Jeremy?? We’ve hit some speed bumps with this on our end…



read this thread


Hello! I am building an experiment in the field of attentional modeling.
Unfortunately I am a pretty basic coder.
I managed to get to the point of getting the data from a gezepoint GP3 through the IOHUB, but:

  • getPosition() or the equivalent getLastGazePosition() outputs a 2 elements array of data which according to the doc page should be “in units in use by the ioHub Display device” (pixels? my whole exp units are deg) but in my case look meaningless. I can see the data is computed starting from gazepoint’s FPOGX and FPOGY (which I would really like to have access to) interpolated using display’s getCoordBounds(), which unfortunately I was not able to track down.
  • getLastSample() gives a long array of data which I believe I have managed to decode also getting getEvents() which accepts as argument “as_type=‘dict’” allowing to print data as dictionary with labels. Unfortunately FPOGX and FPOGY are not available here.
    Basically I need to check if the fixationa, at the time my funcion is called falls, within a given distance from the centre (in deg).
    How could I get FPOGX and FPOGY ?
    Thank you for any help

Adding some data, records are recurring

  • getPosition()
  • getLastSample()
  • getEvents(as_type=‘dict’)

fissazioni.xlsx (70.0 KB)