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Freetype import failed

I have been getting error: “FreeType import Failed: function ‘FT_Get_Advance’ not found”, using TextBox.
I have installed Freetype (win 64) and zlib1 (win 64) dlls to the system path (win32). My computer is 64bit windows 7.

How should I proceed?

It looks as though freetype was no longer being included in the PsychoPy Standalone Distribution (and you need to use the 32 bit version of that library even though you have a 64 bit operating system, which confuses people). I’ve now tried to add that back in to the distribution so maybe you could try just downloading the 1.85.1 release of PsychoPy and see if that fixes it for you:

Hi Jon,
I do have a related problem, i guess: “Freetype import Failed: Freetype library not found”; The error arises when using textbox (e.g. running the from the demos). The error can be traced back to
… psychopy\visual\, line 376, in init
self._font_name = fm.getFontFamilyStyles[0][0]
Index Error: list index out of range

I have installed psychopy 1.85.1 (downloaded April 18th 2017, 32 bit version), python 2.7.11, Windows 7 (64 bit).

It seems that adding freetype in the standalone did not work?