Form Component keeps crashing

PsychoPy V2022.2.1

Hi guys,
is it just me or did the form component somehow stop working?

When using the builder:
1 routine


1 key response
1 form component

Form options:


Contents of the form.xlsx:

The experiment crashes right after launching it. This is the error msg:

ValueError: Item -12349872349873in items file ‘C:\Users\ … \formItems1.xlsx’ is missing a required value for its response type. Permitted types are {‘free text’, ‘heading’, ‘description’, ‘radio’, ‘rating’, ‘slider’, ‘choice’}.

What is causing this error?
Clearly the response type is set to “choice”.
Adding options (yes/no) to the xlsx did nothing.
Saving the form as CSV did not change anything as well.

Thanks in advance!

Excel, you fooled me once again.

So it turns out PsychoPy does not accept xlsx as a valid format (although the docs say otherwise: Form Component — PsychoPy v2022.2.1).
CSV is the way to go. But excel is using a semicolon as delimiter instead of a comma if you have the “wrong” locale. So just use libreoffice…