Form component - "formItems.xltx" can not be opened by Excel

PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2022.1.1
When I press the create button in the form component then I get the error message from Excel that ‘formItems.xltx’ can not be opened. Shouldn’t it be read ‘formItems.xlsx’?

Best, M

.xltx is the extension for an Excel template file, so should open in Excel.

Dear wakecarter
Unfortunately, this is not possible. I also tried it on another Laptop…

Best, M

It’s most likely a malformed file - when you click to make a new spreadsheet for a Form :form: component, it does so by opening an Excel template file. Does the error message point to a specific file location? If so, go to that file location and copy this file in its place:

(click the Download button in the top right to get the file from GitHub)

Hello TParsons
Thank you for your reply!
No, the error message does not point to a specific file location.
I get the following (translated) error message: The file ‚formItems.xltx‘ can not be opened by Excel since the format of the file or its extension is not valid. Prove whether the file is damaged and whether the file extension corresponds to the file format.

Best, Mark

Could you post the full error message, as printed? There will most likely be some file paths in there which I can use to figure out where the PsychoPy files are on your computer

Hello TParsons

When Excel is opened I just get the following message:

Best, Mark