Excel item is missing value

I am using the block “form” in builder. I am using an excel datasheet to create the form. I keep getting an error that says one of my items is missing the “type” value. From the screenshots it is visible that I am not missing this. I have this exact same data on a different excel sheet in a similar psychopy experiment that works perfectly fine. Does someone know how to fix this error?

Excel is a master at hiding things. Export to .csv instead and open that in a plain text editor. Check that the number of rows and columns matches what it should be.

eg it is possible that what looks like an empty cell in Excel actually contains a space character, making PsychoPy (or any other software) think that there should be corresponding entries in the rest of the row. It can be much easier to spot such gremlins in the plain text representation of a csv file than in Excel’s interface.