Forking without data

Is there a way of forking an experiment without the data associated with it or at least being able to delete it? I have my personal account and then a group where I put the tasks I with to share with my students, how can I prevent them from having access to my data?

Thank you

If you collect data to Database then that’s fine but if it’s CSV then unfortunately you’d need to copy the local files (minus the data) to a clean folder, upload then to your space, fork it to your group and then delete it from your own space. That’s what I’ve been doing for my demos.

How do you upload without having to go through psychopy? I made specific changes to the html files. Do you just create a blank project?

Why are you changing the html files?

Yes, I start with a new folder and then copy and paste the psyexp and resources files into it.

ok, cool thanks