Flickering images

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I have a series of trials where a set of images morphs from a neutral face to full expressed emotions. I have 51 images at .25 seconds each to simulate morphing. However, once I moved the experiment to Pavlovia, the task started flickering randomly. It’s almost like random flashes. How can I get rid of the flickers?

Also, it’s taking a long time for the online experiment to load. Is that normal? Is there a way to make it load faster?

Hey @jmin, the project you link to seems to be set to private, would it be possible to give me or our support team developer access so that I can investigate a bit more? Here to help, s.

Hi @sotiri, could you tell me how to give you access? I apologize. It’s my first time using Pavlovia.

Do you have 51 different image components with consecutive start times? Because of the reduced accuracy of online experiments it is easier to get smooth transitions by updating a single image component e.g. using imageMorph.setImage(emotion[Idx]) so there will always be exactly one image on the screen (i.e. no gaps and no overlaps)

No problem @jmin, the following GitLab help page explains how, https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/members/index.html