First Time Contributor

Good Morning everybody!
I am a first time contributor and I would like to contribute to psychopy. Do you have any issues I could take on or any tips on where to start?
Thank you!!

Hello, have you checked the PsychoPy Github repo issues?

Hi again, thank you for your answer! I actually have checked the issues and I have already submitted a pull request! I was looking for some recommendations or tips on further improvements. Is it suggested I stick to the uploaded issues?

I think that helping people on this forum will help identify which bugs and improvements are most needed. We’re having a CodeSprint in person at Nottingham next week

What are your areas of interest/skill?

Perfect, thank you, I’ll look into the forum more then! The CodeSprint sounds amazing!!

I am currently trying to figure out my interests, as I am still in university. I have widely used Java, Python, SQL, HTML and CSS, as well as some less used programms and interfaces.

My goals right now consist of expanding my knowledge and experience.