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Filenames, MTurk to Pavlovia

URL of experiment: SOAv1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: When participants, recruited from MTurk, perform in this experiment sometimes the filename appears as their MTurk Worker ID and sometimes it appears as something else. When it appears as something else I have no way to match it to their MTurk Worker ID (this is required for me to determine if their participation should be “accepted” or “rejected”). In the Experiment settings page I include the Participant field and I suspect that when people leave that blank I get the filename with the MTurk Worker ID but when people put something in that field the datafile name uses whatever they put in the Participant field (instead of their worker ID).

I’m wondering if I can simply delete the Participant field in order to ensure that every filename has the MTurk Worker ID as part of it. I suppose an alternative would be to ask people to leave that field blank, but that requires them to actually do that.

Can someone please confirm if I understand how Pavlovia filenames are generated and how I might ensure that I get the MTurk Worker ID attached to my Pavlovia filename?

Thank you!

What you need to do is populate participant with the MTurk Worker ID.

What does your URL in MTurk pointing to your experiment currently look like?

The URL in MTurk is the URL generated by Pavlovia. Does that need to be modified somehow?

Looks like Arnon_Weinberg’s response (see below) answers the question. I’ve tried pasting his 1 line of code to my MTurk source and will know whether it works once I start getting some MTurk HITS.