Feedback showing wrong message on Pavlovia and Pavlovia not recording correct answers

URL of experiment: zzhuoran / ADD_Symmetry_Span · GitLab

Description of the problem: I know that I’ve probably posted under this section a week ago about a symmetry span program that I’m currently working on. Right now, the program is working properly in the builder but the issue is that when I sync the experiment to Pavlovia, the feedback message that I implemented for square recall would display the response as wrong even though it’s correct. In other words, it would display the word “Incorrect” for every trial. I have attached some screenshots of the builder for the practice trial routine (this is the part that feedback is implemented) in case anyone has time to take a look at the issue. I think it has something to do with the Javascript code for the part where the program is asked to record the correct answer. I hope this issue can be resolved very soon as everything else is working properly on Pavlovia.

.thisN doesn’t work online unfortunately.

You’ll need to set and increment a counter variable

How would I go about implementing this variable? After I saw this message of yours’, I went on the forum to find how to go about doing this. Based on other people’s discussion, would I need to create this counter variable at the begin routine of the code which stores the correct answer and then increment this at the end routine?
Ex. Begin routine: trialstart = 0
End routine: trialstart = +1
However, where does this leave the recall_practice loop? I’m not that familiar with Javascript so any help is appreciated!

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@Becca Hi Becca, I hope you had a wonderful day today! I don’t know if you came across this issue in the forum but I would really appreciate your help on this as your suggestions were always really helpful on other people’s experiments. I’m currently having issues recording the correct answers for a task in which individuals are asked to click on the correct places that the red square appeared in after seeing the red square appeared five times in one of the 16 possible places on the grid. I tried to implement other’s suggestions about creating a new variable and incrementing it. I looked everywhere to see how it works and I was finally able to do so today. However, this implementation still didn’t give me the result that I wanted. Pavlovia was still recording my answers as incorrect even though they are correct. Please note that I created these codes in the routine for recalling the positions of the squares and only for the JS portion. Here’s what I came up with so far:

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.