Feedback message not showing up

Hi, I’m nearly done with this symmetry span experiment that I posted about yesterday. Right now, I’m trying to implement a feedback message to a section in which participants are asked to recall the positions of a square that appeared 5 times in any of the sixteen possible positions on a grid. However, after I clicked on the five positions in which the square appeared in on the grid, the feedback message didn’t show up. I’ve attached a screenshot of the message on here.

You appear to be setting $msg in End Routine of the same routine with the feedback text. It would need to be in Begin Routine (or End Routine of the routine with the response)

Hi, thank you so much again for your assistance! However, after I incorporated the code into the “begin routine” tab of the code component, I still wasn’t seeing the feedback message after I pressed on five possible locations that the square appeared in the grid. Here’s the full code that I wrote for the feedback (in python):
if square_resp_practice.clicked_name[0]==square_corr[0] and square_resp_practice.clicked_name[1] == square_corr[1] and square_resp_practice.clicked_name[2] == square_corr[2] and square_resp_practice.clicked_name[3] == square_corr[3] and square_resp_practice.clicked_name[4] == square_corr[4] :
msg = ‘Correct’
msg = ‘Incorrect’

The square_corr denotes a column from an excel document. I’ve attached a screenshot of the excel sheet in this reply. Square_recall_excel_sheet


do you mind sharing a screen-shot of your text-component feedba…text_2?

Best wishes Jens

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Long story short- I was able to get the feedback to show up for the square recall section but now, the issue is that the program would only record whether or not the last response is correct or not. For example, if I’m asked to recall 5 squares in the order that they appeared on the grid, the program would mark the first four responses as incorrect (even though I clicked on the correct square within the grid in the indicated order) but then, it would mark the last response as correct based on where I clicked on the grid.
I’ve attached some screenshots of both the feedback code and correct answer storage code.


I hope these images helps! Btw, the square_resp_practice is the name of the mouse that is found in the routine called square_rec_prac_five_sq in case you’re wondering. One of the image has a link to it. I’m not sure why it’s not showing up as a picture.