Feedback represented in the same screen that stimulus is presented


I’d like to move “feedback” routine to “trial” routine. Because I’d like that the computer shows “correto” or “incorreto” in the same screen that is the stimulus and response options is presented. How I can do it?

What my experiment do: Is present two stimulus one at the top of the screen and another on the middle of the screen, and to response options “Sim” and “Não” (the participante need to select one of the response). When participant select one of the response clicking with the mouse, another screen is shown, the screen will contain a feedback text box.

What I want to do: I’d like that the feedback is shown on the same screen that is shown the two stimulus and the response option. That is, the stimulus and the response option continues on the screen and the feedback appears for exemple, in the middle of the two response options.
The second thing I need an orientation is: if the participant click on the wrong response option, an “X” appear on the screen and the participant need to respond correctly to end the routine and start a new trial. If the participant select the right response option than a feedback message “Right!” is shown and the routine ends, then start a new trial

Here is my experiment
MTS - OtM 2x3.psyexp (90.3 KB)

This can be done by changing the feedback text from blank to feedback at the moment the response is made.

However, it is technically simpler to have a separate feedback routine which includes a copy of the stimuli so it looks like it is still the same screen.

How I can make the first option you give?

Because I thing the second option don’t contemplate what I need: if the participant click on the wrong option an “X” appear and the participant need to select the right option to finish the routine and a new one with new stimulus start

I think you should do it in Each Frame, and then you should do it in the End Routine and present the stimulus with the same amount of time and I don’t know if I’m getting it right

Hello MarcelloSilvestre,

have you been able to solve the issue? I am currently facing the same problem in my experiment.

Hey @tkallies that a look at it.

MTS - OtM 2x3.psyexp (311.1 KB)