IRAP (mouse response)

Hi everyone,

What is about my experiment?
On the computer’s screen is shown one stimulus (image) at the top of the screen, one stimulus (image) on the middle of the screen, and two response options (text) on the bottle right and left of the screen.

The participant needs to discover the relation between the two images and select one of the response options clicking with the mouse on the response options. And then a Feedback appear on the screen.

For exemple, is shown A2 and B2 stimulus and Similar and Different as response options. In this case, if the participant click on the Similar response option then a feedback comes to appear: “Right!” and the routine finishes.But if the participant selects Different as response option then a feedback “X” appear, and the participant need to select the other response option, that is: Similar. And then, the routine finishes and a new trial with new stimulus appear.

For illustrative purpose:

What I’ve done until now?

My experiment works correctly, without any error. But the feedback isn’t shown with the stimuli and response options. The feedback is shown on another screen. And when the participant selects an incorrect response option a feedback “Wrong” appears and go to next trial.
What I want? 1) The feedback need to be shown on the same screen that has the stimuli and response options and 2) after an incorrect response an “X” appear, and the participant need to select the right response option to finish the specific trial and go to a next one.

Here my experiment file
MTS - OtM 2x3.psyexp (90.3 KB)

Some images that can help

*All credits go to the corresponding authors
Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP)
GO-IRAP This one use “d” and “k” as response options but I’d like mouse clicking as response options.
Here is available an open source, but this one is keyboard as response options too
GitHub - ianhussey/OpenSourceIRAP: Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) - no longer maintained