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Feasibility query

I am currently programming an experiment online using inquisit, but due to issues such as cost and lack of available materials I would like to switch to pscyhopy. My question is whether this is feasible.

My study includes the following elements:

  • the zooming in of a picture when a participant makes a double response
  • the zooming out of a picture when a participant makes no response
  • stimuli for experiment selected based specifically on initial participant ratings

Is anyone able to tell me whether these elements are programable using builder?


Yes, this is doable.

The first two elements will be simple to implement.
The third might take a few extra lines of custom code, depending on your requirements.

I would advise that you get the experiment working locally first, before then uploading to test online. The small amount of custom code you need to achieve these things needs to be written in Python for running locally, and JavaScript for running online. But if you get it working perfectly locally, it should be straightforward to get help with translating the Python snippets to JS.

So perhaps just get started with getting the basic procedure running, and then come back to us with specific requests to implement the features above (if you haven’t figured them out already by that stage). We can only really give specific help when you have a functioning experiment to make tweaks to.

Good luck.

That’s great news - thanks very much!