Failing to sync with Pavlovia

all i have any question for online pavlovia.
please help me

  1. Because I couln’t solve the errors, I re-installed the Psychopy3 and the whole screen changed like this. The operation is done normally. But I don’t know whether it is updated or it is an error?

  2. The most important issue is that Psychopy3 is not linked to
    The methods I have done are as follows.
    When I create a project like this,
    This error appears.
    At first, I thought that ‘ linked problem’ was because of this.
    But other experiments I made were worked well under these errors.
    So I pressed ok.

and I commit like this,so,…
There’s a green light on the link. but!!!
As far as I know, the ‘html’ folder should automatically be created, but it doesn’t.! (What should I do to be created automatically?)
So I just manually pressed the ‘Export HTML’ button to create it.
and then the one I checked in red is made…
As far as I know…It, I mean the .html file, should be in the html folder like this, but it didn’t.
So, I recommitted like this, and then I could linked to pavlovia BUT!
I continuously pressed the pilot button, but it didn’t work at all LOL

pavlovia just keep saying “initialising the experiment”

What should I do?

What’s the problem?

I have used the following solutions that I have received from the forum so far.

  1. remove hidden .git folder
  2. or remove gitignore and restall
    3 or remove experiment in pavlovia library

but yet I can’t solved it

Where on earth did I make the problem??

please help me please