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Eyetracking calibration freezes at end of routine w/Tobii in PsychoPy3


When I run the eye-tracking demo using PsychoPy 3 and Tobii, it crashes after the Calibration Routine Component in Builder ends and I have to hit ESC to force-quit the study run. There is no error message recorded, so I am not sure where to begin to resolve this issue. If I disable the Calibration Routine Component, the Validation Routine Component and the subsequent experimental trials run without issue. However, this defeats the purpose of using the eye-tracking components in the Builder, since I have to calibrate before validating, etc.

Here is my setup:

  • OS: Windows 7 (Enterprise)
  • PsychoPy3 version 2021.2.3, Standard Standalone
  • Tobii x60 eye tracker

What I’m trying to achieve…
I want to collect eye-tracking data using the Tobii eye tracker with PsychoPy3, from Calibration to the very end of the study. I’m trying to prevent PsychoPy from freezing after running the Calibration Routine. I also want to make sure the Tobii eye tracker and PsychoPy are communicating. I’m not sure how to check if this is happening, but I can confirm the Tobii does work and tracks the eyes.

Is the experiment crashing, or is it getting stuck after calibration? If it is crashing, can you send the stack trace / error that is printed? If it appears to get stuck / freeze, is this happening after the you press space to exit the “Calibration successful” screen?

The way the calibration works is that it minimizes your psychopy experiment window, shows a new calibration window for the calibration process, and then after calibration it should close the calibration window and maximize / display your psychopy window again, continueing with your experiment.

I am wondering if the code we use for maximizing the psychopy window after calibration is not working properly on your system. Perhaps because you are using Windows 7 and it has probably only been tested on Windows 10.

As possible work around, if Tobii remembers it’s last calibration settings after a disconnect / reconnect (I forget if it does or not, lol), you could have one experiment that just runs the calibration and then a second experiment to run everything else.

Thank you

Hi Sol,

Thank you for responding. The experiment is freezing/stuck after calibration. It freezes after I press the space to exit the “Calibration Successful” screen. At that point, the screen goes gray and the only thing that will unfreeze it is hitting ESC to force-quit the study.

That is an interesting workaround idea. This is my first time using the Tobii so I’ll try your idea and see how it turns out.