Export then Import of projects

I have a project ‘prototype’. This will be the basis for a number of related projects that I now want to develop in divergent ways. So I want to create independent new projects that are not linked to the prototype (I think!). It looks as tho export and then import via new project is the best option? But the export produces a .tar file and the import fails as a .gz file is wanted?

What I do is copy the psyexp file (and any relevant resources) to a new local folder and open that in PsychoPy. Syncing then creates a new project online.

Great. Thank you.

But annoyingly my sync appears hard wired to the previous project and can’t find a way to reset this path. Clinic on information button - linked to old path. Click on sync button - make new mapping but error still persists. i.e. new project not created correctly as your post suggests it should? Any pointers?

Check you are doing all the steps here: