Builder Crashing

I’ve run into this several times now where I’ll be happily programming in builder and it just all suddenly closes, the whole builder, running window, all of it. I’ve noticed it seems to happen right when I click a code component to open it, especially if I’ve just edited several other code components. Anyone know why this might be happening? It’s really killing my productivity and motivation

Hi There,

Please can you give us a bit more info here (what operating system are you using? what psychopy version?)


Hi Becca,

Windows 10
Under system info in builder I see: PsychoPy 2020.2.5
In the exe window I see: pygame 1.9.6
Experiment is not set to a version within builder

Let me know if that’s not what you’re asking for

Hi There,

If you update to a newer release do you still get the same problem? if you have a file built in a 2020 version try installing the windows standalone here Release Release 2020.2.10 · psychopy/psychopy · GitHub


Hi Becca, thanks for your response. I updated the program and have yet to have it crash on me again so this seems to have fixed the issue.