Experiments dashboard not updating with changes from GitLab

URL of experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/micahgallen/ecg-face-affect-discrimination-task
(note that it’s private)

Description of the problem:
Dear PsychoPy community,

I’ve been running into a problem in trying to run an experiment in getting an experiment to run in psychjs online. When I make updates to the project in GitLab, they do not appear to sync in the Experiments Dashboard. Should I follow any additional steps in order to update the experiment in the Dashboard?

Thanks for your help!

I’m experiencing the same thing right now – not sure if it is due to the server merge issues due to the fire.

Did you ever figure out a way to resolve this?

I’ve been using the Web IDE to make changes to my experiment, then when I run the experiment in Dashboard, the changes are not reflected. Also, the Dashboard updated date is 3 days old…

Other strange behavior: if I update a file on the home directory of my experiment, Dashboard will reflect those changes when I run the experiment. However, if I make changes to files within subdirectories, Dashboard does not reflect those changes (even though I am committing them in gitlab’s webIDE).

Have you tried Ctrl-Shift-R to force a refresh?

I think that Gitlab functions don’t all work with Pavlovia. Is there a reason why you aren’t using PsychoPy to sync changes?

@wakecarter, thank you for your reply – I just tried to force a refresh to no avail.

The OP was using psychjs. I’m using jsPsych. I’m unsure if the PsychoPy method of syncing changes would work for either of us.

I’ve been making changes via gitlab’s web IDE. Let me try making updates via git commits and I’ll report back as to whether this fixes the problem.

Refreshing via git commit did not change my updated: field in the pavlovia experiment Dashboard. It still reads 2021-03-16.

Judging by the view count that this post has (assuming the views are mostly recent), I’m assuming this is an issue with the servers?

Any help on how to get pavlovia to mirror my gitlab experiment repo more thoroughly is warmly appreciated!

I’ve found a way to force pavlovia to refresh the gitlab mirror its running on.

In your experiment Dashboard, if your experiment is configured as Status>Running, it looks like pavlovia won’t accept any changes below the root folder of your gitlab experiment repo (e.g., my index.html file would have its changes reflected, but anything side of folders would not).

Solution: change your experiment status to INACTIVE and then back to RUNNING and the pavlovia mirror will reflect your gitlab experiment repository. Same solution found in a similar query on this forum here: Changes pushed to gitlab but not to Pavlovia dashboard - #9 by jbreedlo. One thing not mentioned in this post that I have found to be the case: you need to make changes to your experiment repo locally and then commit them back to gitlab via git. When I try to update via the webIDE, edits inside of subfolders will not be reflected in the pavlovia mirror of your gitlab experiment repo.

Without this knowledge, people’s experiment debugging is pretty much dead in the water (unless I’m missing something). Perhaps this information could be posted to a pavlovia jsPsych FAQ page or something like that – if I google pavlovia experiment dashboard not updating this forum post and the forum post I linked are the first two hits.