Experiment works on 1 pc, not on the other

Hi everyone,

What are you trying to achieve?:
I have a working task in Psychopy version 2020.2.10 on one computer. I try to run the same task on another computer.

What is the problem?:
I installed the same version of Psychopy, but here the task does not run. I have no idea why. See these errors:


What did I try?
restart, reinstall etc. had no results. I compared the installed versions, did not find differences, I only noted that the experiment setting screen looks slightly different (see in post below)

What can I do?


You say you’ve installed the same version on both computers but is it possible that one computer has more than one version and you are running a different version from the one you think you are?

Recent versions give the version in the PsychoPy title bar. Otherwise, look at Help / About.

Hello suzannex

you can press alt-print to make a screenshot and insert it with ctrl-v here. They are more readable than the screenshot you made with your mobile (and less work).

You are running different versions of PsychoPy on the two PCs (as wakecarter mentioned), see error message of the first screenshot.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Wakecarter, thank for responding! In both versions there are no other versions to select except a ‘blank’ line or ‘latest’. On both pc//laptop the ‘blank’ line is selected, but it only runs on the laptop. Both versions are the installed 2020.2.10.

yes sorry I know, had to switch between pc’s (wrote the post on another computer)

Hello Suzannex,

if possible install the latest version PsychoPy-Version (2021.2.3) on both computers.

Best wishes Jens

Hi! Please, say how you doing so many items in start GUI? Can you send code?