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Experiment works just on one PC

Dear psychopy community,

I would like to work with an experiment created by another person (Creator). The experiment works wonderfully on the PC of the Creator. It does not work for me. When I click on the “Run” button, it will be highlighted in gray and no action will be taken. Also comes no error message.
The creator’s PC is a MacBookPro and he works with Psychopy 1.9.2. My PC is a Windows64 operating system 7. It works not only on my PC, but on other Windows PCs with Windows 10. It also does not work on another MacBookPro. For checking I have used with all PC version 1.9.2 and the appropriate operating system used.
Are there some general standard tips that you can give in such a case? Does this sound like a well-known problem or do I have to specify the error message and the data of the respective PC?

Thank you for reading this message and your help,