Experiment Tab in Pavlovia Greyed Out

I’m trying to access my experiments on Pavlovia (which I have been running) but the tab is greyed out and cannot be clicked on.

Can you access them by manually adding the tab number?

Hi Wakefield, thanks for replying! Manually updating the URL does change the tab but the content still doesn’t load. My credits also show as NaN despite me having some (and some assigned to experiments). I can still run an experiment by going directly to that link (from history).I last accessed the page successfully in early October, but have been running experiments since then.

I’ve also replicated this issue across Safari, Chrome and Firefox on my Mac (M2 chip) and iPad

Good morning @Cate_MacColl,

The issue stemmed from my manually updating the temporary license that we used for the workshop to which you participated and that manual intervention leaving your account with the wrong license Id.
It’s now been corrected and you have access to your full dashboard.
With my apologies for the mishap!
Best wishes,