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Experiment stopped saving data files

URL of experiment:

Description of the experiment:

Whenever a participant did the experiment, it did save the data in a .csv file inside of the “…/data” folder until 1 month ago (or so) when it stopped saving files. People can take the experiment ok, and it brings up the message "saving data… " then “thank you…” etcétera. (Just to clarify, I didn’t change anything on the experiment at that time.

I tried to “rename” the /data folder and create a new one, without success, so I reverted that commit.

Might this be because it should have stopped being free 2 weeks ago? However this problem started at 15th August or so…

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

@apitiot, would you mind taking a look at this task? It does not seem to be saving data.

You don’t get individual CSV files if you’ve switched to database.