Experiment runs ok on psychopy but is stuck in the initializing window when I try to run it on the browser

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/maha10/spotfu/html

Description of the problem: I don’t get any error with the experiment but when I launch it on the browser both through a local host and on pavlovia the experiment is stuck in the initializing window. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

if (key_resp.corr) {
        sound = soundfile[0];
    } else {
        sound = soundfile[1];

You can’t use sound as a variable name online.

Please take a look at my crib sheet.

@wakecarter - thanks for the catch - I have replaced that variable now and still the experiment doesn’t run.

As far as I can tell from the developer console your variable sound is still there (even with Ctl-Shift-R). What error are you seeing in the console?

The changes are synced now. Still not running on the browser. When I run on psychopy it runs fine I only get these warnings about how this version

On the browser it gets stuck in the initializing experiment window.

Try setting it to inactive and active again.

Are you editing the experiment from two computers with different versions of PsychoPy?

Yes it was built in the new version and I am testing and pushing it pavlovia from an older version on my laptop.
When setting to inactive and back to running - I get this error -

I get to the Welcome to Spotfu message now

Thats a good sign, maybe I have a version conflict that I am unable to launch.

That shouldn’t affect your ability to run the version currently uploaded.