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Experiment not running on pavlovia - skips trials

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My experiment (a reaction time task) works well in Psychopy, but when I run it online, it only shows the four rectangles, then skips all trials and just presents the pauses. Is it because of the code component or is it not reading the csv file?

Thank you!

Is there any way to check if the java script is reading the csv file?

Experiment isn’t public so we can’t view it. You can make it public from the gitlab repository, settings -> general -> permissions. Can’t say without seeing it I’m afraid.

Sorry, did not know I had to put it to public since I had put it as piloting. It’s already public.

The reason the target isn’t appearing is because of the way the CSV file is set up and the way positions work online. For running online, rather than having “position” as one column, you want “posX” and “posY” as separate columns. If it’s one column with brackets, PsychoJS reads it as one string rather than a pair of numbers. You also need to set it in an unintuitive way: In your target image, make the position [posX, posY] with no dollar signs or anything else. See here: Simulus position list via conditions file doesn't convert to javascript (builder)

Also, just to give you advance warning of another possible bug, using height units could also be part of the issue. If changing the csv file and position line doesn’t fix it, try changing the units to “norm”

For the pause happening every trial, that’s an issue with the code component. Rather than “trials.trialN” you want “trials.thisTrialN”, and you want to move it to the “every frame” tab rather than the “begin routine” tab.

Thank you so much Jonathan! That was a very comprehensive post so I will start tackling all the issues. Hopefully I will not have to bother you again!

I experienced the same problem with the task as the person in this question: "Take a break" works locally but not online

But I was able to fix it using the comments in there, thank you!

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