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Experiment not opening in Mac. It stops when opening gui or window

I am trying to run a previously developed experiment on the same computer. That now it is not being even opened.

Whenever I try to run it, it begins and it freezes waiting for the GUI or window to open. But this never happens and remains there forever.


Like in the figure, it begins and stops there. No error, no nothing. I don’t have a clue what is going on.

I am using MacOS BigSur. Psychopy ‘2021.2.3’

The updates that I can provide of my whole day working on this are:

  • The experiment keeps freezing when the GUI arrives .
  • But now I try giving permission of accessibility to psychopy and this make it run if there is no GUI and if there are no other desktops open in my Mac screen.
  • if I try to run it with a full desktop window open the program freezes and does not continue either.

Everything is completely random to me.

Please if somebody has some insights on this Iw ould be really glad